Professional Services Program for Cities and Nonprofits

Lack of Affordable Professional Services

Is a major issue for small cities and nonprofits. Our professional services will give you the added boost you need to be successful. As a charity, we seek to deliver the most value possible with limited resources and our service charges associated with these services are predictable and reasonable. Service contracts can be ongoing or job specific. Your customized service contract can include any or all of the following services:

  • Strategic Plan and Comprehensive Plan Development

  • City Council and Board of Director Training

  • Long-Term Financial Plans and Analysis

  • Budget and Annual Report Preparation

  • Capital Improvement Plans

  • Urban Renewal Plans

  • Housing Assessments

  • Slum and Blight Plans

  • Utility Rate Studies

  • Policy Development: Governing Body, Financial, Procurement, Personnel, and others.

  • Management, Human Resources, and Operational Consulting

  • Employee Search

  • Employee Investigations

  • Project Coordination

  • Grant Writing and Administration

  • City Clerk and Finance Officer Training

  • Sewer and Water Operator Training/Operator by Affidavit Services