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Financial Management Tool for Local Governments

Visual City

Visual City is a financial management tool designed for small and medium-sized local governments. While many governments can produce monthly or annual financial reports, these reports are often not useful for understanding finances and making strategic decisions.

This is where dashboards like Visual City help because it will illustrate key pieces of data in a format that is easy to understand and tells the whole story. Once you use Visual City, it will create a common language between officials and the public. This common language will allow for a true strategic decision-making process supported by a common understanding of financial information and key indicators.

Key Features

  • Capital Planning

    Plan and graph the costs of future projects.

  • Debt Planning and Analysis

    Chart current debt and plan for future debt issuances.

  • Financial Breakdowns

    Breakdown finances in multiple levels, categories, and charts.

  • Fund Balances

    Forecast fund balances to ensure solvency of funds and to remain compliant with financial policies.

  • Line Account Analysis

    Drill down account level to assess performance on a monthly or annual basis.

  • Long-Range Forecast

    Analyze and estimate financial performance on a monthly or yearly basis and view data in several different formats.

  • Table Creator

    Create a variety of data tables.